Frequently Asked Questions

What makes UConn’s GIS Graduate Certificate program different from programs offered by other schools and colleges?

The University of Connecticut is a nationally recognized institution that has been offering online courses and programs since 2000. UConn’s Geography Department is one of the pioneers in GIScience and began offering a classroom-based graduate certificate in 1988. The GIS Online Graduate Certificate provides the same high-quality UConn instruction but with the flexibility and convenience of online learning. Strengths of this UConn Graduate Certificate are its focus on location analysis for marketing and business government decision making; transportation analysis and planning; and modeling of the urban environment.

Why earn a certificate in GIS?

Online GIS Certificate: GIS Map of BostonGIS and other geospatial technologies are among the fastest growing career paths in the U.S. economy. Geospatial Information Scientists and Technologists and other related GIS jobs are featured in the U.S. Department of Labor’s O*Net Resource Center as careers with a “Bright Future” in the U.S. economy.

How long does it take to complete the GIS Graduate Certificate program?

UConn’s online or blended GIS Graduate Certificate can be completed in only one year by taking two courses in the fall and two courses in the spring.

Who enrolls in the certificate program?

Visit our Who Should Apply Page to learn more. 

How does online learning work?

UConn’s online courses and programs provide extensive opportunities for interaction among students and between students and faculty. Our faculty interact regularly with students in a variety of ways including email, phone, Skype, and discussion boards.

How many credits do I need to take in order to earn the Certificate?

The online or blended GIS Graduate Certificate is awarded upon a successful completion of 12-credits. The standard set of classes will usually include four 3-credit courses.

Do I need to buy the software for the classes I take?

The instructor will contact the students in order to distribute the free student copy of the software necessary to complete the course requirements.

Does the program offer a flexible schedule for those who are employed?

UConn’s GIS Online Graduate Certificate allows professionals to continue their careers while earning the credentials they need to enhance their marketability and careers. The classes are taken online and step-by-step work can be completed by students anytime within given time frames (usually a week or two).

Will online credits look different on my transcript?

No distinction is made between credits earned in a traditional UConn face-to-face course and credits earned in a UConn online course. eCampus courses do not have a different designation on your transcript.

What services does UConn provide for online learners?

All UConn eCampus students have access to the following services:

How can I find my online class schedule?

For start and end dates of all online courses, please refer to the University academic calendar. In addition, a specific course calendar has been developed for each online course to help students in stay on track with the course requirements. It is important to log into your course as soon as it begins to start your readings and assignments.

Where can I learn more about online learning at UConn?

Once you are enrolled in the program, the UConn eCampus website will provide information about the syllabus and textbooks, software, course access, technical support, tips for success, UConn policies, the academic calendar, and academic services available to UConn students.

What will I do after getting the Graduate Certificate in GIS?

We have listed some employment opportunities in the Employment section here.