In-Person Courses

Required Courses - 

  • Fundamentals of GIS (GEOG 5500Offered Online Only
  • Applications of GIS (GEOG 5510) Offered Online Only

Elective Courses (two required)

Possible courses include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Advanced GIS for Remote Sensing for Geoscience Applications (GEOG 5230)
  • Advanced Environmental Restoration (GEOG 5380)
  • Advanced Physical Geography (GEOG 5390)
  • Remote Sensing of Marine Geography (GEOG 5505)
  • GIS Applications in Health Research (GEOG 5530)
  • Spatial Data Analysis (GEOG 5600)
  • Spatial Statistics and Modeling (GEOG 5610)
  • Special Problems in Geography (GEOG 5810)
  • Remote Sensing Image Processing (NRE 4535)
  • Natural Resource Applications of Geographic Information Systems (NRE 5575)

GIS Certificate Completion
To earn the Certificate, a student must pass all courses counted toward the Certificate with a grade of "B" or better (not a "B-"). When an admitted student has completed the 12-credits of coursework, the student must contact the GIS Certificate Program Coordinator [Rich Mrozinski -] stating they have completed all coursework. The Coordinator will generate an advisement report and send it to the Graduate School on the students behalf. This report needs to be generated after you have finished all four courses for the GIS Certificate. After review of the advisement report, the Graduate School notifies the student that the GIS Certificate has been awarded by letter and email, and the appropriate designation will appear on the student’s official university transcript.